When to Replace Your Boveda Pack

Boved RH 69% CubeThe lifetime of your Boveda pack can vary significantly and depends on numerous factors, including the size of the container, how often the container is opened and how wet or dry the herbs were to begin with.


When you first start using your Boveda pack, it will be full of a liquid salt-water solution. Over time, as the salts mix with the water to regulate humidity, the solution will begin to solidify. Once your Boveda pack has completely solidified, and there is no liquid content left, it’s time for a replacement.


One particularly good thing about Boveda packs is their low price, making it easy to purchase a replacement when yours dries up. Nonetheless, there are still some measures which can be taken to maximize the lifespan of your humidity pack.

Use an aptly-sized container – Storing your cannabis in a container which is not much larger than the herbs themselves will minimize the area which your Boveda pack must regulate. This will consequently reduce the workload of your pack, making it last for longer.

Dry or moisten your weed prior to introducing Boveda pack – If your cannabis is particularly moist or dry, the Boveda pack will have to work even harder to bring the humidity to a stable level. To minimize this process, dry out your herbs a little in fresh air, or moisten them with a piece of orange peel, to balance the relative humidity level prior to using the Boveda pack.

Minimize the time your container is open – Every time you open your container and the humidity-regulated air mixes with the air in the room, your Boveda pack will need to work hard to stabilise the environment to the pre-specified relative humidity level. You can stretch out the lifespan of your Boveda pack by minimizing how often you open the container.


The video below makes things clear for you.


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