How Does Boveda Work

Boveda is the global leader in innovative relative humidity (RH) control. We stock Boveda’s cutting-edge two-way humidity control technology that both increases and decreases the humidity level in the air as required, giving it an advantage over all other available products.


Boveda-CubeThe saturation level of certain salts in water naturally regulates the humidity in the immediate environment to a pre-specified relative humidity level. When placed in a container or package, the Boveda pack either emits or draws in moisture from the surrounding air, keeping your herbs at the optimal humidity level.


Boveda holds the patent for using this scientific principle in packaging applications, and as a result is the only manufacturer of two-way humidity control in the world. All other available products provide one-way humidity control, exclusively removing or adding moisture to the air


You can purchase Boveda packs in a number of different sizes, allowing you to find something that fits your container perfectly. The relative humidity levels currently available are: RH 62%, RH 65%, RH 69%, RH 72% and RH 75%. Selecting a humidity pack that is a suitable size for your container will ensure the optimal performance and maximum lifetime of the product.

Made with only FDA-compliant ingredients, Boveda packs could not be easier to use, and they require zero activation or maintenance. All you have to do is place your Boveda pack in your container and let it work its magic.

When you first use your Boveda pack, its contents will be completely liquid. Over time, as salts are mixed with the water to regulate humidity, the pack will start to solidify. Once the pack is completely rigid, it’s time for a replacement. The lifetime of your pack could be a matter of months or years; it all depends on the surrounding environment and how often the container is opened.

Using Boveda packs, there is no such thing as over-humidification. That means that it’s impossible for the relative humidity level to go beyond what is pre-specified on the pack.