Boveda, Humidity and Cannabis – Everything you need to know

Cannabis JarThere are numerous factors to take into account when optimally curing and storing your cannabis. As well as minimizing exposure to heat and light, controlling the relative humidity level inside your air-tight container also helps to preserve the quality of your cannabis.

An overly moist environment inside your container increases the risk of your cannabis become contaminated by mold or mildew, whereas a lack of moisture results in your cannabis becoming dry, harsh and losing potency.


Ambient humidity refers to the humidity level in the immediate surroundings of your cannabis, and this relative humidity (RH) level has a direct effect on your cannabis. Boveda humidity packs were designed to give you a way to effectively regulate these levels, creating an optimal environment in which to store your cannabis.

Research has found that RH 62% is the ideal humidity level for storing cannabis. By placing one of these packs in an air-tight container with your cannabis, it will add or remove moisture, as needed, to bring the RH level to an optimal 62%.


Maintaining a consistent relative humidity level of 62% in your cannabis helps to preserve its quality and freshness in a number of ways. When marijuana becomes too moist, it becomes vulnerable to contamination; when they become too dry, the essential oils that carry the cannabinoids begin to degrade, not to mention the terpenes that give off that sweet aroma. Humidity packs allow you to eliminate this reduction in potency, while also preserving the full freshness, color and smell of your buds.


If you are serious about properly curing your cannabis, you need to regulate the relative humidity level to bring it as close as possible to the optimal RH 62%.

Your other major concerns are temperature and light. When storing cannabis, keep it away from high temperatures in order to avoid decarboxylation or premature activation of cannabinoids. As is recommended across the broad cannabis industry, your buds should be stored in a cold, dark place.

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