Boveda for Tobacco FAQ

Does Boveda work with other storage devices?

Since Boveda was designed as a standalone two-way humidity control system, introducing any other device will prevent it from performing optimally. Say, for example, you integrated crystals, beads or gel, Boveda would end up absorbing much of the moisture given off by these one-way devices, consequentially negating the humidity regulation.


How much Boveda do I need?

Our recommendation is that you use at least one 60-gram Boveda pack per 25 cigars. Boveda packs are safeguarded against over-humidification, and using more than recommended will only make the pack last for longer.


When should I replace my Boveda pack?

Once your Boveda pack turns from a liquid consistency to solid, it has come to the end of its lifespan. You will first start to notice the corners hardening as they crystallize, which is completely normal. Once the pack is completely rigid, it is no longer regulating humidity and must be replaced.


Do I need individual packs, a cube or a brick?

Individual Boveda packs come packaged in a transparent plastic wrapping, giving them a two-year shelf life. A cube simply contains 12 individually wrapped packs. Finally, a brick provides Boveda in bulk. The ‘brick’ consists of 20 unwrapped Boveda, and as long as you close the main bag after accessing a pack, they will last for up to two years. Buying by the brick provides the best pricing available.


Is it safe for Boveda to directly touch my tobacco?

Absolutely. Boveda is FDA-approved and completely safe to sit amongst your tobacco.


What humidity level should I get?

Boveda packs come in 62%, 65%, 69%, 72% and 75% relative humidity levels, each being accurate to +/- 1% of the RH printed on the pack. Some humidity levels are more appropriate for storing certain items. For example, herbs are optimally stored at 62% RH.

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